Why spend hours doing manual work?

Process data at crazy speeds!

Using the best artifical intelligence and machine learning technologies out today, we make image processing looks easy with our simple to use interfaces. SImple select what is your aim, provide learning data (in some cases), wait whilst our system trains itself.. Voila - Begin receiving high accuracy results in seconds!


Use our system to detect objects, rotate images, detect similarities between different classes, order data in groups and structures and many more. Create custom solutions or aims using our easy to use interface. The interface is built to take the frustration of tackling artificial intelligence out of the customeer's mind and deal with giving you the result. We also offer competitive and fair pricing for bulk processing. The pricing is custom based on your processing needs, however we do offer a typical image recognition api which has the following rates:

Images sent (Last 24 Hours) Price per 1000 images
0 - 10,000€1.00
10,001 - 50,000€0.90
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Need a Website, App or Design Branding?

Position your business for success.

We offer bespoke design and development services whether that be a website or mobile app creations, implementing custom built software to enhance your current business experience or creating clean designs in the form of picture and motion graphics to represent your brand we are able to offer these services.


We believe software should be suited to the specific needs of a business and where appropriate these should be fulfilled to excel a business. We provide these services at custom rates based on the services being offered. With this you'll be given access to our account interface where you can track progress and be able to pay your current charges based on set project milestones via PayPal, Skrill or Credit/Debit Card. Any Queries? Drop us a message via the contact form below.

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MK Software truly offers a great service. I use their image recognition API for assistance in my university project to get the correct results required. With the good rates available, I didn't have to break the bank either whilst getting my project done in a good amount of time. I have now consulted MK Software for a quote on a website and mobile application for my business I want to create. It's been a great experience so far!

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